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The surprising experience of vertigo puts fundamental aspects of our everyday life at stakes, such as space, our body, and movements, in the incommunicable seclusion of one’s bodily experience. Suddenly, our habitual perception is in crisis: the familiar stable sensation, the sensation of gravity and the whole conscious experience appears, so to speak, by other coordinates. What is happening there? The real challenge here, rather than giving an explanation of its cause, pertains to the way in which we may uncover such lived experience and how the fundamental problem of psychology, namely, the nature of the psyche, still remains open. What is consciousness? If we pay attention to the different scientific approaches to vertigo, we can easily see how their explanatory scientific purpose turn the lived experience into the darkness, erasing the key traces that can guide us to its living origin. Undoubtedly, the purpose of science is noble. It seeks the way to classify and quantify the empi…